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Child custody and visitation services in Ithaca, New York

If you and your partner are separating, you need to determine custody of your child. While joint custody is becoming more common, most parents contest their right to sole custody while the other parent has only visitation rights. Christopher B. Colosi Attorney at Law will represent you in your child custody matter. Protecting your child and their future is our number one priority. Contact us today to speak with our attorney about your case by calling 607-319-0184.

What factors go into determining custody?

What factors go into determining custody?

Child custody is determined based on a number of factors. A judge will make their ruling based on the best interests of the child. Some factors include:

  • Parent/child relationship
  • Mental and physical health of the parent
  • Evidence of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Sibling interaction

For visitation, there are a host of other factors to consider - including the time, location and frequency of the visitation. The child's wishes will be considered, too. Christopher B Colosi Attorney at Law will support you during your custody matter. Get in touch with a trusted custody attorney in Ithaca, NY today for assistance.