Start Your Own Grow-Op Legally

Get insight into cannabis law in Ithaca, NY

Want to open a cannabis dispensary or a grow-op in Upstate New York? Before you get started, make sure you review and understand the New York cannabis laws.

Christopher B. Colosi Attorney at Law offers cannabis law services in Ithaca, NY. He'll help make sure your business is set up formally with the New York Office of Cannabis Management, and he'll also work to help you obtain the proper cannabis licensing before you open your doors.

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Get into the business of cannabis

Get into the business of cannabis

There are certain steps you have to follow to open a legal cannabis business in the state of New York. Christopher B. Colosi Attorney at Law can help you get started by assisting with:

  • Business formation contracts: He’ll draw up and look over any paperwork that will bind your business to a legal contract, like commercial leasing, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, business agreements and tax considerations.
  • Cannabis licensing: The Office of Cannabis Management has guidelines for growing, processing and dispensing marijuana, and it requires separate licenses for business owners. You must receive the proper licenses to ensure that your business operates within these guidelines.
  • Real estate zoning: Different cities have different cannabis zoning laws and can deny the sale of recreational marijuana in certain business locations.

Learn more about New York cannabis laws today by meeting with a local attorney.Christopher B. Colosi Attorney at Law can answer your questions about cannabis zoning, licensing, growing and more.